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What's on offer?

Your complete photography resource

Pixalo is proud to be the friendliest photography site online. Our aim is to help you get the most from your photography by sharing information and our knowledge through the use of tutorials, insider tips and tricks, and our growing photography community forums.

Here is a small list covering some of the site's features.

  • Free Membership, registration required.
  • Friendly Community Forums
  • Free member's gallery
  • Equipment reviews
  • Photography Articles
  • Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
  • Latest industry news
  • Tips and tricks
  • Pixalo Theme Fortnight
  • Classified Adverts to buy and sell your photography equipment.

With a free member's gallery, an extensive photography Equipment review section, and regular competitions and challenges with prizes, Pixalo is fast becoming the place to be!! Everyone is welcome, be they amateurs, hobbyists, semi-professionals or professionals alike. So why not take a look around the site and then drop by the community forums to say hello? You only need one registration to gain full access to all sections of the site, it is quick, easy, free and unlocks the doors to many parts of the site that as a guest you cannot access.

First time here?

Everyone has to start somewhere

If this is your first visit to the site we recommend reading the rest of this page to get a good idea of the many things we have to offer. Although this is not an exhaustive list it will give you a good idea of the advantages you will gain by registering and using our site.

Community Forums

Not just for questions but also for fun

logoThe Pixalo Community forums are the place to hang out with the rest of the members. Inside you will find several sections all dedicated to the love of photography where you can discuss such varied topics as cameras, lenses and accessories through to photography techniques, tips and even the best locations to visit with your camera. We have a tutorials section which covers not just techniques but also image editing and RAW conversion too. This is being added to and improved constantly, there is always something new to read or anew subject to join in with. We also offer the Pixalo Classified section where as a member, you can buy and sell your unwanted photography equipment.

If you have a problem or question that you need assistance with, our knowledgeable staff and members are only a quick post away but we know that you may not always want to talk about photography, to help you pass away the hours we also have a general discussion section for anything off topic and a jokes and funny threads section to put a smile on your face.

Free Members Photography Gallery

Register for free to get your gallery

logoThe free member's galleries are now running on much more advanced software than previously, giving you many more options and a much easier user interface. Allowing you to use your global login and then upload pictures to your own sub galleries, into themed sections (mono, landscape, people etc.) and to enter our very popular Theme Fortnight challenges. Each photo uploaded is automatically tagged with your user id and can be searched by using keywords or by EXIF information which is not only retained, but it is also extracted and displayed below each photograph when available.
This is a great place to upload and display your photography not just for yourself, but also for others to see too. Family, friends and other Pixalo members can see your work, voting and comments by our community members are also allowed so that you can get instant feedback all in one place. To give your pictures the maximum exposure, the latest uploads are also displayed on the main site front page and gallery index, along with the latest comments.

Check out the all-new Members Photography Gallery.

Photography Equipment Reviews

All makes and models covered

logoThe photography equipment review section of the site allows you to review all the equipment that you own. The beauty of this system is that you don't have to write out a full review, you can add as much or as little as you like, even just a few sentences to help others understand the pros and cons of the equipment and then grade it on a scale of 1-10. The software does the rest. You don't have to be technical minded either, what is better than an honest review by another member?

We have already added what we feel are the main equipment makes and models but if you own something that is not yet listed and would like to add a review, drop us a line and we will add it as a priority. To view the reviews you don't have to register but to add a photography equipment review of your own, you do. Registration is free and available via the Pixalo photography Community Forums.

Follow this link to the Pixalo Photography Equipment Reviews

Articles and Tutorials

New addition: Pixalo Tutorials!

logoOur tutorial and articles sections are constantly being updated and new content is being added. In these sections you will find many step by step tutorials that guide you through some basic and advanced lessons and techniques. From camera technique, how sensors work, what it is like to be a professional photographer through to image editing skills like mono conversions, sky masking and how to create basic frames, these sections are brimming with help and advice to make the best of your shots.

Photography Incentives, Promotions, Challenges and Competitions

It's the taking part that counts

logoPixalo are very pleased to be able to provide some exciting photography incentives, promotions, challenges, and of course, regular photography competitions. Currently we run the Pixalo Fortnightly Challenge that has been introduced just to get your creative juices flowing. The ongoing results from each round will also count towards a much bigger prize at the end of each season. It will pay to take part on a regular basis while still giving members a chance of prizes even if you join or start taking part in the middle of a series.