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Add your name to the EXIF on Canon Digital cameras

Article written by Steve - Presented by Pixalo

You may have seen the extra information embedded in digital photographs, things like the shutter speed, the F stop used, the white balance and the ISO, this is called EXIF information. As well as the usual information, the ones amongst you with keen eyes may also have noticed that some photos have the photographer's name embedded in the EXIF information as well. This is a great extra level of copyright protection for you as it can not easily be removed and it does not show on the photo when being viewed normally.

If you own a Canon digital camera it is surprisingly easy to setup for yourself. It should only take a few minutes to do and once completed, your name will automatically be digitally embedded in to every photograph you take.

First you will need to install 'Remote Capture' which should be on the supplied software CD that came with your camera. If you cannot locate your disc, Canon offer it as a download directly from their site.

Set up your camera for remote capture using Canon's Utility 'Remote Capture' Once open, connect to your camera then in the 'Shooting' Dialog box that opens, click on Camera, and then Camera Settings. In the Owner's Name field type your name as you wish it to appear and then take a picture remotely and select either save or delete.

That is all there is to it!! If you have followed the instructions correctly all photos taken will contain your name in the 'Owner's Name' box of the EXIF info.