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Correctly embedding file Information into photos - For sending to publications

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This is a very quick and short article that will give you an outline of the information you should embed into your photographs whenever you submit them to magazines, newspapers or other publications. It is very possible that the editors may loose any cover note or letter you include and often the pictures are copied into a database and the CD/DVD that you submitted will be discarded. If you have the information in the photograph itself it will always be available and should ensure you receive the deserved credit and more importantly, your payment.

Peter Ebdon

If you right click on the image and click save as to save the pic to your pc, then open it in photoshop. Next click on file and then file info from the drop down menu. Inputting the data is a manual process but you can save a template for the majority of the info and adjust it to suit the photos.

Article written by Gary Bagshawe

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