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Submitting Photos to Alamy - Presented by pixalo

Article written by Gary Bagshawe

Submitting your images to a big picture library sounds like an ordeal at times and many people think that their images will not be good enough, this simply isnít true. Many of the images that I see hear on this forum are more than good enough to be accepted by the likes of Alamy. Subject matter is very wide ranging too. Just take a look at Alamy.com.

First of all you will need to register and decide which payment terms you would like to have. The site is self explanatory in this regard but it is worthwhile reading through all the guidelines before sending off your CD.

Before being accepted you have to send a quality control CD of 10 images which will all be checked at 100% size so when you do have your images ready make sure that you check them yourself at 100%, look for dust marks etc and do not over sharpen them.

The file size for submissions varies depending on what you are submitting.
The following is their reccomendation.
Tiff, pc byte order, 8/bits per channel, minimum 48MB file size (just increase your file size in Photoshop) Black and white images minimum of 16MB, Reportage photographs will be accepted at 24 MB.

You can add keywords and caption information in the file info section in photoshop now or when the images are accepted you can go to the manage my images section of their website and add them then, I prefer to do it straight away and then the info is there and you donít forget to do it. The importance of keywords etc canít be underestimated, that is how people will find your images so put a bit of thought into it, if in doubt put it in!!!

Once your images are ready to be sent write your name and e-mail address onto the cd and send it to

QC Test
Alamy images
127 Milton Park
Abingdon, Oxfordshire
OX14 4SA

After about 14 days they will send you an e-mail confirming if you have passed the QC Test, any images that have failed will be posted up with the reason for failure. You can then make any changes to keywords and captions etc and save the changes.

Next you can then send more cd's of your pics to them. Do not put too many onto 1 cd, the main reason for this is that they will check random images from your disk and if some do not meet their QC then the whole disk will be rejected.