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Using Automatic Picture Package in photoshop 7

Presented by Pixalo - Written by Steve

This tutorial shows you a simple way to resize and put more than one picture on a sheet of paper using Adobe Photoshop. It is an ideal way of minimizing paper wastage when you want to print out a couple of photographs to one sheet of paper.

Step one

File > Automate > Automate Picture Package

This should then open up a new box that looks something similar to the screen shot below. At this point you should alter the resolution and other settings to your personal preferences. Remember if you are going to be printing then about 300pixels per inch should give you good detailed results.


Step Two

If you move your mouse pointer over the box on the right, a new dialogue should open that says “Click to select a custom file” For some reason the mouse pointer is not showing in the screenshot but the dialogue is showing as you can see from the picture below.


Step Three

By clicking your left mouse button a new file browser window should open, browse (as you would in windows) to the first of the pictures that you wish to use. I have chosen my recently shot Farne Island puffins for the purpose of this tutorial.


Step Four

Double click on a file or select one and click on open, Photoshop will open it into the background, resize it and then import it to the top pane of the picture package.


Step Five

Repeat step two but for the lower pane, ie move your mouse pointer over the lower pane and left click to open up the browser once again.


Step Six

Once you have browsed to your image, double click on it or click once and select open, Photoshop will once again bring the picture into the main screen, resize and then import it to the lower pane of the picture package. That’s all there is to it.


One final note, make sure that you have the resolution set to the right value before you start importing the pictures otherwise the prints that you will get from your final output will be poor.