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Basic Filter advice - UV and Circular Pol.


I've just bought a couple of Filters for my Nikon D80 + Nikkor 18-70mm lens.

Hoya 67mm Circular Polarizing Pro 1 Digital Filter
Hoya HMC UV Filter 67mm Multi-Coated Filter

I will be using the UV filter for general lens protection so I can't see that there is anything special I need to worry about regarding its use?

I'd appreciate any tips you could offer using the Polarizing filter on the beach or in brighter conditions as I have never used one before. I am off to Lanzarote on Thursday so I plan to experiment with it there if the sun plays nicely.

The sort of questions rolling around in my head are:

Is it only of use in bright sunlight and if there are bright reflections in the shot.
(for example a boat at sea with the sun lowish in the sky)

Will it improve sunset shots?

Is it best leaving it off the camera until I have a better understanding of it?

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