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At what point..........

I was wondering today, while I should have been doing something a little more drinking tea :lol: when does a snap become a photograph ?

I atteneded a wedding on friday and managed to get well over 100 images on card, I was snapping for pure fun and the couple are expecting nothing from me other than to see a few images as an extra to the main photographers official work.

Now, this is where i got thinking !!!!! (YES EosD, i do partake of that from time to time :lol: )

Most of my images, i'd personally describe as snaps. while they look ok from an exposure and colour point of view they don't seem to grab my attention.

I'm sure that ADOLF snapper's official prints will all look the mutz nutz

Any of you ever thought along similar lines?

I'm not used to shooting people, maybe thats why i'm a little let down by my images.
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