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Originally Posted by Steve
My definition of when a snap stops being a snap and becomes a photograph is when someone says that they like it. Thatís the test you see, if it doesnít please you but pleases either your client (if you have one) or the person it was taken for then it is no longer a snap. Opinions differ, you only have to look at modern art to see that!!
I think a snap becomes a photo when there's some thought involved, and there's a story to be told. As for thought... I just mean it's got some element of composure.. it's been thought about. Snaps have the heads dead centre, regardless of format.. snaps have trees sticking out of heads... snaps never try to catch emotion or expression... snaps are just that... snaps.. Henri Cartier Bresson took quick, ad hoc photos... but they weren't snaps. My mum takes snaps.

It's not all about exact expposure, or pin sharp focus either... anyone can learn how to do that... it's about seeing what's in your mind.. what you WANT.. and being able to get it in the frame. That's when a snap becomes a photo.
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