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It's a difficult one in some respects this. Lots of photographs are taken deliberately 'on the skew' for a particular effect, it's quite common with shots of cars and where that's the case, then it's usually obvious that that was the intention and it wouldn't draw any comment.

Photos which are just slightly off level for no other reason than the photographer didn't get it quite right and where it adds nothing to the shot, just make you wonder why the photographer didn't take a little more care. We all do it - it's so easy to be slightly off level when we're concentrating on focus and all the other elements in the shot we're hoping to capture. Fortunately, it's very easily corrected in the post processing.

You have to be particularly careful of this on shots with water, as water is nature' s most accurate spirit level, and it follows that if the horizon level is out, then any vertical elements in your shot will be also.

Before we judge a shot artistically, (whatever that means to each of us) we usually judge it on technical merit - exposure etc. - and being level or not would be a consideration at that stage. Most knowledgable judges in competitions who were hung between two shots appealing equally, would decide in favour of the one which was more tehnically correct out of the two.

Hope that helps mate. :wink:
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