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Originally Posted by MyPix
Photos which are just slightly off level for no other reason than the photographer didn't get it quite right and where it adds nothing to the shot, just make you wonder why the photographer didn't take a little more care. We all do it - it's so easy to be slightly off level when we're concentrating on focus and all the other elements in the shot we're hoping to capture. Fortunately, it's very easily corrected in the post processing
so are we talking..................................the camera was perfectly level but the subject isnt, or the subject is level but the camera isnt,

in the first case should the photographer turn the cammera off level to correct the subject ?? if u see what i'm getting at,

is that what u mean by the photographer ' didnt take a little more care ' ?

in the case of water, yes i agree, it will always be ' level ' , but if ur standing at an angle to any shoreline then the the image will show the water running up or down accordingly ,


ps:, i understand deliberate ' arty ' skew style shots, its the representation of the ' real world ' i'm taking about

I'm only talking about shots where it's quite obvious that the level is off. Shots taken at an angle are obviously different as you say and it should be a consideration by the viewer. A Silky says, sometimes even when a shot is an accurate representation of the real world situation it can benefit from correction, lose nothing in the process, and avoid any possible disquiet in the viewer.
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