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Hard lesson to learn

I woke up one morning and there was a black screen with white letters saying press F1 or F2 so I did and heard only clicking from the hard drive on my computer...yikes! The worst happened; hard drive failed, shop could not recover anything from it. All...all my photos are gone. Except for the cd's I've made for family and friends of family gathering, everything. Even after my brother badgered me for years to do something abut backing up my files, bless his heart. I'll live of course, but it is devastating to have it all gone. Not too late for my wife's computer...ordered an external 500gb drive and Acronis software to preserve her educational and published data and keep it backed up. Will do the same for mine when restarted. So, all this to say hope you don't ever have to learn this lesson. Peace, and keep on doing what your doing , and BACK IT UP!
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