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Re: Question about saving raws to jpegs and size requirements

Silky-so some of the larger files I have are 4288*2848 pixels which end up being anywhere between 10,000-15000kb. So you are saying for these larger files I can downsize them to 3000*2000 pixels and they will still be large enough to satisfy my customer?

I just realized that I cant use a double sided DVD cause I use my Epson R1900 printer to print over the front of the DVD's with a personalized image for my customers and I don't want to change that-cant see being able to do that with a double sided DVD unless I'm wrong, I've never used these??

Also to do this I would use the image/image size option to change the pixels to 3000*2000 right then save at highest level again?

Originally Posted by silkstone View Post
I read it as the 700 files being 1.4GB larger than will fit on a DVD.

Three things affect the file size of a JPEG...

1. Dimensions in pixels - e.g. 3000 x 2000 pixels.

2. Degree of compression. You can have lossless JPEGs but mostly they lose some data, and the loss is greater as the compression increases. Often you can't see this until you compress a lot, so it's certainly worth trying a slightly lower quality / higher compression setting.

3. The amount of detail in the photo. Plain backgrounds compress more easily than images with a lot of detail, and that can have a great effect on the file size.

Don't wory too much about "native resolution" expressed as, say, 240 pixels per inch or whatever. That figure is largely irrelevant. What matters is the actual size in pixels.
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