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Post Poor service from Mifsuds

Hi Everyone

Hope I'm in the right area for this apologies if not.

Has anyone had dealings with Mifsuds of Brixham (Devon UK).
I recently bought a Dynax 9, when it arrived the description given over the phone (2 phone calls 2 different people) sounded good.

Different story when camera arrived, camera was filthy extremely worn, screws missing from front of body, very dissapointed. Contacted Mifsuds, no apology just asked to send it back. Had a refund receipt within a few days, but that is all refund receipt was dated 18th september, thats 15 days and still nothing in my bank account 2 phone calls and all I get is the person that deals with it is in Germany and is not answering his mobile. I have now missed 2 possible purchases of Dynax 9's because they are holding on to the money.

I think my point is don't buy over the phone with Mifsuds, and has anybody had same experience?.

Sorry to bring a downer to the forum with only my 2nd post but wouldn't want anybody else to get caught.

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