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Steve is just really nice
Steve is just really niceSteve is just really niceSteve is just really niceSteve is just really niceSteve is just really niceSteve is just really niceSteve is just really niceSteve is just really niceSteve is just really niceSteve is just really nice

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Re: How to use the Members Gallery a step by step guide

Part three – Displaying photos in forum posts.

In the ‘Quick Reply’, ‘Reply to Thread’ and ‘Post New Thread’ boxes you should see a new camera Icon that looks like this . This links to our new feature which allows each user to visually select photos directly from their galleries and embed them within threads and posts on Pixalo without leaving the forum page. This also removes the need to copy and paste complicated links or mess around with [img] tags.

There is very little to using this new feature being as it was introduced to make things simpler; however I will guide you through using it to embed a couple of photos in to a thread reply. It doesn’t matter if you are using the WYSIWYG editor or, like me, the simplified version, the process is exactly the same. The photo(s) will always be inserted at the position of your cursor on the page.

Window Properties.

I have split the window in to three sections and coloured them for clarity. As you can see the window looks like a small version of our gallery.

The different sections let you perform the following tasks:-
1.Here you can close the window once you have finished.
2.If you have set up some personal galleries, they can be selected through this drop down.
2.Here you will see thumbnails of your photos in the galleries. This section is where you select the photos simply by clicking on them.

Let’s begin. I am using the ‘Quick Reply’ but it works the same for all our ‘Reply/New Post’ options. I want to place a picture first in my reply (before any text) so I go straight to the camera icon.

In any of the reply/new post editors.

When the camera icon is clicked, a new popup box opens showing my photos. Apart from the pictures being different, the box will look like this for everyone and will always open your own galleries.
Popup Gallery Selection Window

To include a picture I simply click on its thumbnail here.
Step 2.

The software automatically places the correct code (including the [img] tags) in to my reply on the forum.
Step 3.

Continue to compose and format your post as required. When you want to include another photo just place the cursor in the correct location, then in the popup window click on the thumbnail of the picture you wish to include.
Step 4.

Including your photos as required is as simple as selecting them from the popup window. Remember though that the photos will always be included at the position of your cursor.
Step 5.

Click on the ‘Close this window’ link in the top of the popup window to finish and then post your thread/reply as normal.
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