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Re: fuji film s4000 OR coolpix L120

I think the Best customer service I ever had was at A Sony approved dealer, if I bought something
From them and had no car at the time, they sent for a taxi paid for, and dropped in a 10 pack of videos, after that it was a digital lead worth 50.00 after that it was Something else, the theme was I kept going back, and so did all my work mates, and Family, after having my 1500 Vid camera for three years it was Dieing i took it to them for repair, they lent me a newer model that performed better, a week later on my return, the manager said keep that with a new three year warranty, that model was Thousand pound, yep I couldent believe it when the till opened to give me the difference, I guess that kind of Customer service gets talked about, and I guess that's why only two people worked there, small shop Massive turnover " no reps' apart from those that purchased over and over again, and when your workmates chat, they ask' can you Recomend" I guess working For a local Aerospace helped, those were the days, the only Customer Services who I have ever spoke to, and they listened with me thinking they put the phone down, to find out they hadn't they were mearley listening, that's something people don't do much these days, the company was Apple. And guess what, they called me Sir, and considering my phone was from the Car phone Warehouse, by morning a rather delightful box came with a Brand New Handset 500.00+ and guess what I'm telling you guys the Story, hoping that some youngster out there learns from this moral, it really does do not listen, and treat every customer like they own your Company, because without a good name, you go nowhere, and by this being repeated, might have pushed Apple Shares up another Dollar, or swayed another 1000 people to buy from Apple. Goodnight folks, all true....
Peter Holt
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