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Hand Strap Recommendations Please

The Edinburgh Festival is coming up soon and I want to use the opportunity to do a little street photography around the city centre. I have the Canon 7D (yes I realise it's maybe less than discrete, but I'm planning on using my f1.8 50mm, so it shouldn't be too bad). I generally use a Black Rapid sling strap, but for this, I'm thinking I could try a wrist strap. My problem is, the official Canon one requires the external battery pack be fitted, and I don't have one (or any plans to buy one any time soon). I've looked at some third party ones but they all seem to be less than satisfactory.

Does anyone use one, especially with a 7D?

On a separate, but connected note, if street photography is something I want to pursue, I was thinking it could be the driving force behind a new camera purchase (Okay, no matter how bogus, I always try to have a reason, just in case the wrong person asks). Anyways, I've been looking at the Sony NEX 5 as a possibility.Anyone have one? Opinions?
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