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Awful service and Underhanded trading from Mifsuds

I recently part exchanged 2 lenses against a used lens they had for sale, unfortunately upon testing the lens I found it to be pretty soft in the corners and not as they'd described , mint - as new.

I contacted Mifsuds the same day and got a response the following morning before they opened. Emails went back and forth and it was obvious they were going to make it as difficult as possible to return the lens.

They said I couldn't collect the lenses that I’d exchanged as they didn't know if they still had them, which I thought strange as they had a 3 hour trading window from when I left the shop to closing. When I questioned this it moved onto they can't access the computer to check the serial numbers. Again I questioned that they only had one of the same lens for sale and none of the other so it should be easy to identify them, I mean we're not talking Amazon/Wex size stores, its a small shop.

So I then asked when’s the best time to come down and they said 3pm the following Monday as thats when the accounts come in so they can access the computer to determine serials. I raised my concerns that they'd sell my lenses by Monday but they never remarked or replied to that issue. Emails went back and forth and to simplify things I said I ok don't want the lenses back, I'll just return the faulty lens for the price you agreed for the lenses. I was told I can't, I'd have to have the lenses back as it's part of the deal, although the actual deal that was agreed to was price matching MPB which offered me a price for an outright purchase, not part exchange.

OK, so I eventually call into the shop a day later to be told they've now sold the lenses which didn't bother me as that's really what I wanted but the lies and underhanded behaviour shows what they're really like.

When I explained to a sales assistant why I was unhappy with the lens and that I was going to check out another copy they said I shouldn't bother, they're all identical, they're made by computers and they'll all be the same so it's not worth it. Unbelievable, someone like that selling and giving advice to customers, it's worrying.

The the bottom line is even though they knew I'd be returning the lens and that the deal was I'd have to have my lenses back they had no intention of adhering to this. They never sold my lenses within that 3 hours of leaving the shop and guess what? They happened to be selling the same lenses the following day as the ones I'd taken in, what a coincidence

I ended up buying a brand new one from Amazon for just £15 more than the one I'd returned, so all good in the end but it goes to show they’re happy to take your money but will do their best not give it back.
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