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Well I'm not gonna splash a logo on the photos themselves but I've emailed him to say that:

A) In return for the discounted rate, I'd expect people who view the photos to be able to get in touch with me somehow. Preferably by having a credit and link to my site printed in small text in the pictures but it's up to him. And...

B) I'd be keeping the copyright on the images and licensing him to use them for promo stuff. If he was to want to use them for anything else in the future. he'd need to contact me.

Does that seem fair to you guys?

The only thing playing on my mind is magazine rights. He's specifically mentioned that he wants to be able to use them for magazines so I'll need to allow him to do that as part of the license, but what if he gets really famous and a magazine decides they want to use one of my pictures? is that my tough luck for giving him magazine rights or should I try to build in a clause that accounts for the fact he's currently not well known (ie not signed to a major label or anything).

I'm not sure.

Edit - what about if I tell him to let me know about magazine stuff (or get the mags to contact me) and then I can decide whether to ask their picture editor for money or not. And if it's small, national music mags then I can waive the fee but if I suddenly get a call from Hello magazine, saying they're doing a rags to riches story and want to use one of my pictures for the rags element, then I can ask for some cash... Hmmm... It's a tough one.

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