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Cameras, Lenses and Accessories: Discuss Canon G9 Bad vibes...I found this on the canon forums, now im a bit jittery any views on this please...Ray canon G9 big ...
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Canon G9 Bad vibes

I found this on the canon forums, now im a bit jittery any views on this please...Ray
canon G9 big features with a major design flaw. hate to break the news: Canon Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Most G9 owners will go through a series of emotions when they read this: disbelief, then anger, then nothing left but to accept the facts of modern marketing. I say most most G7s and G9s will be permantly shelved in about a year after using unless Canon will step up and fix this major design flaw, or a recall if you like.

Your very cool G9 (and mine too) has a drop-in lens assembly sharing basically the same design as used in the G7 and a few other point and shoot models in Canon's line up. This lens/iris/auto focus/power zoom/ viewfinder optics unit -- sort of a drop in modulear cartridge type unit -- holds most of the actual moving parts of the camera -- will get contaminated with dust to a point so bad you can't even use it for simple family photos. You can't clean the dust out, and you can't change out the moving parts unit because its mounted deep into the internals of the camera.

Canon will replace this lens cartridge unit once for you someone posted, but not twice. My G7 started showing blotches in images with smooth even lighting like a shot of the sky or a wall for example. I thought it to be sensor dust. It was most noticable at full optical zoom. I can't clean it my self so I shelved it, figuring I did something wrong, or I took it camping too many times in dusty locations etc . (I loved that G7.)

I replaced the G7 with a new G9 that has raw. No dusty camping trips. I bought it in January 08. It was winter so no camping trips yet as it's cold out. I've taken mostly shots of family and building projects, and guess what? Same blotches on the images, too many to Photoshop out. I did notice tiny specks inside my optics when cleaning a few weeks into ownership but life is not perfect so I did not worry about it too much. My big pro lenses sometimes had a few very tiny tiny specks after years of use, and those specks never showed up in the final product.

Not so with the point and shoot extending lens of today. Now the dust really shows up on those tiny lens elements. My finder of the G9 also has a lot of dust and what looked like tiny lint fibers internally. I took a bright led flashlite and extended the G9 lens to full optical zoom, looked inside and found a load of lint and dust. Tto see this on your G7/G9 look into the lens at an extreme side angle with the camera front element acting as a magnifying glass. You can see for yourself the amount of crud sticking to the interior of the forward most lens barrel. The stuff sort of looks like its clinging by static electricty.

I always keep the camera in a Lowepro pouch and not in my pocket. I took the camera to a company in Irvine CA that we did work with. I met a dust specialist who is paid high dollars to keep their medical equipment intergrated circuit manufacturing clean rooms mostly particle-free. Within 20 minutes we had an answer to the problem. Plastic and glass materials moving create a tiny static electrical charge along with a lens unit that draws in unfiltered air (and dust) every time it extends as you turn it on. As the lens retracts the air is forced out of the collapsing lens tower leaving the dust and lint statically trapped inside. As the air moves past the optics it too helps create a static charge.

We did a test with a special chemical in a testing chamber a video scope that enabled us to see the flourence vapor in slow motion as the whoosh of air moves in and out of the lens barrel gaps and surprisingly the viewfinder adjustment wheel slot to the left of the eye port as well. The tech explained how this dust just keeps adding up each and every time the user powers up or zooms. Canon should have installed a system to prevent this. Yes you could purchase the lens adapter, a 58mm UV filter, and yes this will help, but this flimsy plastic adapter now makes the camera clumsy for a point and shoot and also blocks the viewfinder.

We need the G9; it has no equal. It is a powerful imaging tool with video and audio too. Can anyone who works at Canon look into this? I feel Canon should have installed a better optics module on a camera of this quality. Its also a slap in the face to the hard-working engineers who did an excellent job on the rest of the camera and let the optics R&D dept. blow is for us all. Sorry to break it to you. A camera is only as good as the lens."
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Re: Canon G9 Bad vibes

Can anyone advise whether the G10 has resolved this issue??

Thanks c
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