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Lcraft 19-01-2016 00:36

Color right Lumenator Pro

I ordered one of these, end of November. Still waiting for it to come in the mail. Apparently they take orders to fill production and then order them manufactured..

It looks dang cool, working as a flash bouncer or as a LED light your subject can hold or on-camera.. If one works out I may order another two for my speed light collection.

Looking forward to getting it in and giving it some real world testing..

Lcraft 19-01-2016 00:42

Re: Color right Lumenator Pro
I'm especially interested in comparing how this works vs. my big soft boxes..

dabhand16 19-01-2016 17:25

Re: Color right Lumenator Pro
Interesting. Manfrotto have just announced new on-camera LED panels


Dearer than your one though.

Lcraft 19-01-2016 18:24

Re: Color right Lumenator Pro
the video demoing the color right has them having a portrait subject hold the unit themselves to light their portrait.. sort of like having them hold a reflector dish only much smaller.

in general I've heard good reviews. the company does annoying email marketing. almost daily.. and are slow as molasses in january to deliver (also reported by many buyers) but if it works half as good as it looks it should be a good tool for my kit..

Lcraft 13-02-2016 12:56

Re: Color right Lumenator Pro
Well happy to report I finally got my Lumenator Pro (ULTRA!) in the mail Friday.

Naturally I ripped it open and read the instructions. FIRST THING...

well maybe not.. but there were a lot of bags to shred open..

the instructions amounted to a URL to a video that you can't get to on their website without knowing the URL.. It was more or less adequate to get things up and running..

It is like a big ping pong paddle.. with a small ball head to mount on a light stand (removable) and a velcro strap to strap it to a speed light as a bounce reflector.. The ball head also has a hot shoe flash mount (not electrical) to mount it directly to the camera. Lots of flexibility to mount it however you need it..

there is a dial on the back and a sheet of velcro that you attach to the battery to plug it in to power. An on/off switch to control power. and a POT to control brightness. Feels beefy in my hand, not worried about it breaking when I look at it crossly or if someone knocks the stand over that it's on..

I haven't done much with it yet, but I can foresee me having someone I am doing a head/shoulder shot hold it to light their face..

I am going to an orchid show last sunday of this month. this piece of kit is going with me for that. I'm going to go buy an assortment of flowers and see how it works for that.

It took them TEN weeks to get it to me. I emailed them tuesday of this week and said hey what's the deal your site says 3-4, your emails say 4-5.. and it's 10.. within an hour of me sending that I got a notice from endicina that a package had been posted for me. I can't imagine it was a coincidence that I complained and an hour later it woulda happened without me complaining..

If I like this as much as I think I am going to, a future purchase will happen via amazon instead of direct from the seller..

Lcraft 17-02-2016 02:01

Re: Color right Lumenator Pro
I've been playing with the lumenator some. I've come up with this rig:


My gorilla pod for my dSLR and a small ballhead, mounted to the lumenator.

I can stand it up, squash it down, angle it in any direction..

It should come in really handy as a side/overhead light with the a little bit of fill flash from the camera to brighten up the shadows..

Looking forward to this orchid show on the 28th. They open up two hours early to allow photographers to come in with gear, tripods, lights, etc. to photograph the orchid entries..

Lcraft 22-02-2016 09:19

Re: Color right Lumenator Pro
Had a slight downturn in my satisfaction with this product. While mounted on my gorilla pod it was laying down flat on the floor. I picked up the gorillapod and the lumenator fell off the tripod. The device had two nuts embedded in it to give it, it's 1/20th threads.. the end of the plastic body broke and the nuts fell right through..

i've contacted the company saying their product broke. But I couldn't leave it at that. I took a sharp knife and opened the hole a bit more.. then I grabbed my JB Weld JB Kwik tubes and mixed up some. Used a sacrificial bolt dipped in cooking oil as a release agent, to position the nuts in the unit. Filled in the hole with JB, pushed the nuts in and then covered over them, bolt and all. It set in 6 minutes and cured in six hours.

I've not got what is probably the strongest threaded insert in a lumenator made ever..

I have yet to hear back from color right. I'll fess up that I fixed it but I'd like to hear from them that they would replace the product. Because I intended to buy two more of them..

It isn't a huge deal. It was 20 minutes of my time and 20 cents worth of epoxy.. But it's the principal that a $100 item shouldn't break after demoing the product..

dabhand16 22-02-2016 09:40

Re: Color right Lumenator Pro
I guess that it is fortunate that you were able to fix it so you are not relying on the company's customer service. Would some sort of lock on the shoe be a solution? Like taping it on. I know this would prevent the unit from coming off the tripod, but if the whole thing toppled over would this area be equally vulnerable?

Lcraft 22-02-2016 09:45

Re: Color right Lumenator Pro
the area I fixed was filled in with 2626psi rated epoxy and has cured to full strength. For it to break again, a 1 inch square of the base will have to break out, and I have skim coated that out to 2 inches with epoxy as well after grinding bite marks into it for the epoxy to hold onto.

the ball head plate is screwed directly into the unit, without a hot shoe mount. I will be shocked if it breaks again..

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