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fionaB 27-08-2009 10:04

my camera is not working!!!!!!!!:hissyfit:
it was dead in the bag when i took it out, changed batteries and it seemed to come on, went to take a shot and nothing ....... changed card and took grip off ..... took shot shutter clicked but never recorded anything...... have reset settings etc but when i turn it off the wee light on the scroll wheel flashes continuously..................... any ideas.........? or is it dead in the water?

Des Gardner 27-08-2009 10:16

Charge the batteries fully if it is still not working it may be time to send Father Christmas a early letter!;)

fionaB 27-08-2009 10:18

changed batteris and they are fully charged. asking santa is not an option

Des Gardner 27-08-2009 10:21

Well normally you would get some sort of a clue or signal (errr) but for it to go just off and not work at all then yes you have a big problem!

fionaB 27-08-2009 10:26

ahh but sometimes it is coming on and everything is as it should be until you press the shutter.... the sometimes it just goes off.. then other times its fine until you go to look at the images and there are none! :(

Silver Dragon 27-08-2009 10:37


but sometimes it is coming on and everything is as it should be until you press the shutter....

Try this... it may help, it may not, but worth the trying...
... Remove batteries, memory card, and, if it has a separate battery (Small watch type thing) that keeps memory functions (Time and date) remove that as well...
May be time to check that small battery to see what life it has?... how old and has it been replaced?... estimate three to five years life, but if its the one that came with the camera, HALF that, as it may have been "On the shelf" in the shop for a while....

This process should "Reboot" the whole system, but it wont reset firmware version, so apart from loosing time and date and any custom functions you have set, shouldnt do any harm...

Leave for 5 mins or so....(This allows any internal capacitors to discharge fully...)
(Give it a clean, check the shutter button, etc.... may be some dust in there?...)

Replace batteries and "Power up", see if that helps....

fionaB 27-08-2009 10:39

where would i find the small internall battery? and how do i clean the shutter button?

Silver Dragon 27-08-2009 10:46

Small internal battery... on mine, its inside the main battery hatch next to the main battery, a black oblong hatch marked "CR2016 3V"

Clean the button?... carefully... :innocent: air duster, small hoover (Dustbuster) and wipe with a barely damp cloth..... if you have a small paint brush try that, or a cotton wool bud....

fionaB 27-08-2009 11:09

ok have found the battery, going up t maplins to get another one... have phoned canon repair centre. worse than useless.... " oh its not giving an error, hold on while i check the manual.............. oh its something wrong inside camera it will have to go over to be repaired.........

Silver Dragon 27-08-2009 11:14


ok have found the battery, going up t maplins to get another one...

Take the old one with you.... Maplins "Code" numbers are not always the same as the battery you have or want.....

Just one thing... you haven't accidentally triggered the self timer mechanism have you?....
Mine does that from time to time, and until I "Find" the off button, it does some strange thongs waiting for the shutter to go off.....

Did the camera get damp in any way?...
if so, a day in an airing cupboard may help....

Do hope it all gets sorted for you....

fionaB 27-08-2009 11:24

not self timer as the acces light is flashing while the cmaera is turned off so its something wrong, didint get new battery, took old one out of 400D and tried that, no difference. will stick it on top of hte hot water tank for a while. im absolutely completely devastated,w hich sounds completely over t he top cos its only a camera..... but its my right hand.

Steve 27-08-2009 12:10

hi fiona, I'm really sorry to read that you are having problems with your camera. You have been a little vague with the details of what (if anything) could have happened to the camera since it was last working properly...Silver Dragon said the following

Originally Posted by Silver Dragon (Post 279518)
Did the camera get damp in any way?...
if so, a day in an airing cupboard may help.....

and you replied with...

Originally Posted by fionaB (Post 279520)
will stick it on top of hte hot water tank for a while

So does that mean that it has been wet/damp recently?

Any other information you can supply about what may have happened to generate the fault could be really important and help us to help you!!

fionaB 27-08-2009 12:14

sorry Steve, the camera has not been wet but it was used in between showers, the most it has ever had would probably be a dozen rain drops as i kind of cosset my camera. i put it in the airing cupboard just in case as it cant do any harm.
Just off the phone from camera shop in edinburgh. he said it sounds like the shutter has gone as when he talked me thru trying something the shutter wasnt opening for the amount of seconds i had set it for.

:( all bad news really.

I have changed all batteries, with and without grip, changed cards, tried shooting with and without cards. done everything anyone has suggested. looks like a trip to the bin. :(

Steve 27-08-2009 12:28

I don't understand how the shutter could have gone if its opening but just not for the amount of time specified. Its a mechanical operation controlled electronically, so it sounds to me that the shutter is not faulty, more that the electronics controlling the camera are. This would be further supported by the other faults you have reported...the 'went to take a shot and nothing', 'took shot, shutter clicked but it didn't recorded anything' and finally 'when I turn it off the light on the scroll wheel flashes continuously'...all those would point me to an electronic issue rather than a mechanical shutter problem. If you do take it in for servicing and the guy is sure its the shutter thats at fault make sure he is aware of these other faults and get a written quote for the complete repair otherwise you may find yourself paying out twice.

Incidentally, the little red light near the scroll wheel always flashes a couple of times when your insert a memory card in to the slot, that tells me first that its getting power (but maybe not enough) and second that the camera is confused as it should not flash unless you are performing that operation.

If you are feeling really brave and the camera will stay on and read from the memory card slot I would be tempted to download the latest firmware (even if you already have that version installed) and update it to give it a fresh working OS, you never know that may just solve all the issues. The downside to doing this is if the camera doesn't complete the firmware update it will be basically dead and would require someone at a Canon service center to bring it back to life, and thats before they begin to work on the existing faults.

silkstone 27-08-2009 12:31

Terribly sorry to hear of your woes, Fi. :( Not sure I can add anything to the suggestions made already, but...

Look inside the camera's CF card slot. Can you see any bent pins?

It may be worth trying a firmware update, in case the firmware has become corrupted.

orangepeel 27-08-2009 12:36

Another option, if you have the software and cables, is to tether it to your PC and use the remote control software to see if it works that way. That will bypass any potential CF pin/card issues as well as faulty buttons etc.

fionaB 27-08-2009 15:57

took it to a camera shop in Edinburgh. guy had a look at it., said it was the shutter so its there for the next fortnight to have the shutter rplaced. got the receipt stating what is wrong and how much it is going to cost........ cant afford it anyway so it doesnt really matter. i have two weeks to find the cash and if its still not working they can keep it. as i cant afford it to be anything else. thanx for the help everyone.

Silver Dragon 28-08-2009 09:39


took it to a camera shop in Edinburgh. guy had a look at it., said it was the shutter so its there for the next fortnight to have the shutter rplaced. got the receipt stating what is wrong and how much it is going to cost........

Sorry it wasnt an easy fix Fiona

fionaB 28-08-2009 23:09

never is where im concerned!!! shuld be used to it but i keep holding out hope life will get better. it just never does!

simpbow 02-09-2009 13:56

It never does Fiona:( hopefully you'll get it sorted:)

Charlotte 02-09-2009 22:07

This is awful Fiona! :(

Crossing fingers that (a) they fix it, and (b) you come up with the cash :hug:

fionaB 02-09-2009 23:42

thanks charlotte, i feel like i have had my hand cut off! I am still lucky enough to be able to use the 400D but i also feel rotten that Alan has just finally taken up the camera and im taking it off him..... ah well i guess worse things can definately happen.

P-E 03-09-2009 08:08

Sorry to read this Fi :( Hope it's sorted soon.

heidi 13-09-2009 06:24

Covered by insurance at all?

Hope it works out for you. I was without mine for 3 months, now its all insured so won't have to go through that again. Good luck.

fionaB 13-09-2009 12:18

only household insurance and not sure it covers normal wear and tear :(

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