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grounded 31-01-2011 23:10

Saving your Photos.
I cannot burn my photos to a CD because I have no recording drive, what would you suggest is the best way of backing them up, Is flash drive a good option? once photos have been put on a flash drive can more be added later, another question, do you re size photos before transferring them, and by how much At the moment I have about a thousand mostly 800x 600, any info appreciated. :duno:

dabhand16 31-01-2011 23:24

Re: Saving your Photos.
No digital media is 100% reliable, so it is best to spread your pictures around. CD/DVD's are convenient, but they don't last forever. Flash drives can get corrupted - as can any sort of drive.

A DVD burner is cheap - about 25 GBP, so might be worth adding to your system.

I suggest an external hard drive, 1TB are easily available now, but remember not to keep all of your eggs in one basket. With no CD/DVD burner, you might want to use two external drives as flash or USB storage is not very big.

There are on line 'vaults' that you can use too, but they do have running costs.

I always keep backups of all of the original RAW files and the 8 bit tiff edits at original sizes on DVD and external hard drive as well as the big drive on the computer, so I have three copies. I have some folders of web images too, but I am not too bothered about them as I have the originals and edits, so can easily generate another web image. You will not be able to print from your tiny files - something to bear in mind.

If you search the forums using the keyword 'backup' you will find other posts on this topic.

Aspire 01-02-2011 00:11

Re: Saving your Photos.
As Graham said external DVD burners are a cheap way of backing up your pictures. Another option is to take your memory card to your local camera shop / supermarket and have them transfer the data onto a CD/DVD for you.

Markulous 01-02-2011 07:33

Re: Saving your Photos.
Personally, I never use CD/DVDs for critical backup I've found them unreliable (25+ years in the computer industry has taught me!) but use external hard disks and more recently online to a cloud

I'm very careful with the H/Ds as they're in somewhat fragile enclosures (unlike H/Ds in a system box) and only use them when needed - but as mentioned, they're cheap enough (luckily, as I've over 1TB of images!)

Insofar as online to a cloud, there's a number of free services around and I use one of them for my 8,000+ web-sized images so one of them would work well (and I can grant others access to specific folders). I used a paid-for service for unlimited backup of all my full sized pics (downside is the amount of time it will take to upload it all to the cloud!)

Free services include
Dropbox - Home - Online backup, file sync, and sharing made easy.

Windows Live also allow backups of images

Subscription services include
Online Backup Software | Carbonite (one of the very first)
SafeSync - Secure Online Backup - Trend Micro (the AV company who provide some free backup with their AV products - I use the paid service)

fionaB 01-02-2011 17:51

Re: Saving your Photos.
i keep the RAW file, i then have an edited tiff file which is about 50 mb then a lo res file for web at about 300kb, am thinking of stopping the tiff s and saving then as hi res jpgs instead, havent decided , i then save them onto external hard drives, giving me nearly 3 TB in storage

Jasondh 01-02-2011 22:12

Re: Saving your Photos.
I have a raid style drive (A Drobo) with 4TB of drives in it.

I also keep a backup of all my photos on a removable 500GB firewire drive.

The way I see it is that as storage goes up and prices come down I will eventually replace them. In the meantime I agree with the 'eggs in basket' comments entirely!

P-E 02-02-2011 06:32

Re: Saving your Photos.
I back up all original files twice on to two separate external H/D's.

Des Gardner 04-02-2011 20:30

Re: Saving your Photos.
If you have no CD or DVD burner then save your pics on your computer,then copy them onto a USB stick or some sort of a external hard drive, I met somebody last year who told me that when the card is full in the camera, they buy another card, the reason is 2 years ago they had the burglars in and they stole her desktop tower + a external hard drive and most of her CDs, in fact nearly all her collection of digital pictures, thinking about it CF and SD cards are so cheap now it makes sense to do just that!

Larne 04-02-2011 22:19

Re: Saving your Photos.
In the end you have to decide how much it would hurt it you lost your pictures, that will then determine how much you are willing to spend.

As someone who shoots for clients as well as taking my personal work fairly seriously I have a fairly robust system. I have an external drive on my Mac mini where I store working copies of all my files. I then have a 'Network Attached Storage' with RAID 1 (which means that even if a drive fails then I shouldn't lose data) and on top of that I backup to DVD at the end of each month. So every piece of data exists in three separate locations and two of those are physically separate as well - in two different buildings. I am even considering storing my DVDs at a third location but am not sure if that would be getting too paranoid :D

jayaruwan 07-02-2011 19:07

Re: Saving your Photos.
Since I'm not doing photography as a profession, I keep my RAW files in my hard drive. I have worst experience with CD/DVDs. I don't have a secondary back-up as of this moment, but I'm getting a new laptop soon and thinking of using it for this purpose only. Also, hard drives are dime a dozen these days. It is possible to recover your data even if the hard drive's circuit fails but the discs are intact, I've done this at home.

however, no media is 100% reliable, even web space. last year I lost my blog due to a server failure and my host was not able to recover the lost data. it didn't have anything important, so it's no biggie for me.

remember, flash drives use logic gates to read and write data. so there's a limit to how many times you can do it over and over again. you probably don't have to worry about this as it's usually over 100000 times. just saying.

my final recommendation is, internal hard drives. external hard drives are usually subjected to movements. just plug in the internal hdd and take it out after you back-up then store it safely. this is not really good if you need to access your data frequently though.

man, reading all these replies I realized this is one more thing to worry about should I ever go pro :duno:

Silver Dragon 09-02-2011 09:33

Re: Saving your Photos.
I use Hard drives...
Internal and external.

The internal hard drive I use for storage is JUST storage, no fancy software involved, just "Drag and drop" technology, that way, it can be transplanted to any PC as a second "Slave" drive should I suffer a terminal breakdown.
The external USB hard drive(s) are similar... no fancy stuff, just simple copy technology, which I do as often as I update any significant amounts of data.

No Magnetic media is 100% foolproof, so I use two external hard drives in turn so that I should always have at least one working backup.

May I also remind people that inside a external hard drive enclosure is a transformer and USB card, attached to which, is a "Normal" IDE or SATA hard drive... if the power supply fails to an external, the hard drive may be extracted and used in either another external enclosure, or put as an internal into the tower.
Worth the try should you get any failure of external drives.

rgabt5 14-02-2011 21:40

Re: Saving your Photos.
(Off Topic)
Hi Gounded:wave4:
See you also live in Auckland.
I live in Waiuku and work in West Auckland

grease spot 15-02-2011 08:17

Re: Saving your Photos.
Following on from Silver Dragon's remark, as a result of a lightning strike my USB hub (Belkin) was blown up - I had turned everything off for the storm and was in the process of disconnecting. The hub took other USB's with it that were connected to a power supply - USB board in the computer, and external drive - not the SD / CF cards. The drive span up OK but failed to connect. It needed a Torx 5 star (TS5) screwdriver which I found made by Laser (Laser Tools | Home) and moved the drive over to the PC. It took me a couple of months to find these tools so I add the information here in case it's needed.

grounded 22-02-2011 07:51

Re: Saving your Photos.
Going to purchase an external h/d , thanks for your input guys. Hi rgabt, long way to go to a job? I am in Glen Eden.:wave4:

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