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doc. 06-08-2017 18:50

Nikon jpegs
Is there any reason why Nikon images (jpegs not raw) should not be processed/edited in Canon DPP?
Personally I find DPP easier than Nikon software

colinmac 07-08-2017 13:09

Re: Nikon jpegs
Doc, I know nothing about Nikon software but I uses DPP years ago when I got my first Canon but never liked it just used Adobe CS and more recently DXO. If you want a good simple free software try
FastStone Image Viewer, Screen Capture, Photo Resizer ... it is very good.

doc. 07-08-2017 14:21

Re: Nikon jpegs
Thanks for your reply and advice Colin - I've downloaded the software and find Faststone Image Viewer nice and easy to use - not sure what Screen Capture does yet! Thanks again, John

colinmac 08-08-2017 13:52

Re: Nikon jpegs
John, I have never noticed that but screen capture usually means saving what is shown on the screen. I have a "Print screen" button on my keyboard never used it and don't know anything about it. Perhaps some of the more wiser members here could enlighten us.

Lcraft 15-08-2017 00:50

Re: Nikon jpegs
hitting print screen on windows puts a copy of your video frame buffer in your copy/paste buffer.

ready to be directly pasted into an image editor.

alt print screen copies the active window

try alt shift print screen for a reverse negative background/display. (good for high contrast/night use)
it's designed for people with vision impairment..

hitting it again takes you out of that mode.

Boofers 16-08-2017 01:13

Re: Nikon jpegs
I use DDP for my raw images. Sorry easier editors for JPEG's. I do use it because it gives my IR true color from my camera. I do color check, sometimes I manage to get real close in PS so. Luminar is a good all around editor.

Dave Canon 18-08-2017 10:26

Re: Nikon jpegs
The rendering profiles in LR (or Adobe Raw) are unlikely to be identical to those used by DPP but all of these are an approximation because each model and each individual camera is different. However, you can create a bespoke profile for your camera which I have done using the X-Rite Color Checker Passport. The profile is identified by camera serial number so you may have many profiles and LR will always automatically apply the correct profile. I even have a bespoke profile for my infrared camera which made an enormous difference. These profiles are loaded with other Adobe profiles and available to LR, PS and Elements.

I have always said that such accuracy is probably only required by a few professionals (fashion photographers and some product photographers) or amateurs like me who enjoy the technical challenges. I know a wedding photographer who uses two D800's and has bespoke profiles for both. Prior to that, the images from each camera were sufficiently different that critical clothing looked different in different shots. This was an editing headache which has gone away now both cameras have bespoke profiles and thus the rendered images are almost identical.

doc. 18-08-2017 11:36

Re: Nikon jpegs
Many thanks for your replies and info

Boofers 28-08-2017 14:30

Re: Nikon jpegs
DDP would have to be downloaded from the Canon websight. I couldn't find my CD that came with the camera and was only able to download by giving the serial number off the camera. DDP has been upp graded every time a new camera is released. I have my 20D, 50D and the best software from the 1D mk4. I was just wondering how you got ahold of the software. My daughter inlaw uses Nikon and learned and shoots jpegs by paying everymonth and uses lightroom. If I paid for it I would learn PS first and then venture out and learn others. After all these years I can't understand why Lightroom gets so much broadcast news. I know ,,,,,, blah blah blah. ;)

colinmac 30-08-2017 15:01

Re: Nikon jpegs
Boofers, I gave Lightroom up and now use DXO which I find is slightly better although Lightroom gets all the publicity.

Dave Canon 30-08-2017 22:52

Re: Nikon jpegs
Whether or not you like or use LR may depend very much on the types of file you are processing, the volume of images and the need for a comprehensive catalogue. I teach LR at my club but it is not necessarily a good solution for those who do not use Raw, the volume of images are relatively low or searches rare.

As an amateur the volume of images I produce are only a few thousand per year but my images are in two LR catalogues each just over 25,000 images. I may need to find say images on the topic of sport, photographed in Gloucestershire, 4* rating or above, and captured after Jan 2016. I can select these in a fraction of a second and this is one of the strengths of the LR catalogue. It is also excellent for processing Raw files and has more features than most (probably all) other Raw editors. I have tried other solutions including DX0 and ON1. I found that DX0 appears to insist on deciding the initial settings and I can believe that some may see this as a great advantage. However, I want to be in control and edit myself; I also found DX0 made some poor decisions on initial settings. This was with an earlier version so it may have improved. I found ON1 a little clumsy and lacking in some of the features found in LR.

I am actually pleased that there are some real competitors to LR now as this may keep Adobe's prices down. LR is the most popular editor used by our camera club members. However, I find that few such amateurs have the self discipline to use the catalogue very effectively though I imagine most professionals would because time saved is money.

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