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terryco 02-10-2009 10:55

Poor service from Mifsuds
Hi Everyone

Hope I'm in the right area for this apologies if not.

Has anyone had dealings with Mifsuds of Brixham (Devon UK).
I recently bought a Dynax 9, when it arrived the description given over the phone (2 phone calls 2 different people) sounded good.

Different story when camera arrived, camera was filthy extremely worn, screws missing from front of body, very dissapointed. Contacted Mifsuds, no apology just asked to send it back. Had a refund receipt within a few days, but that is all refund receipt was dated 18th september, thats 15 days and still nothing in my bank account 2 phone calls and all I get is the person that deals with it is in Germany and is not answering his mobile. I have now missed 2 possible purchases of Dynax 9's because they are holding on to the money.

I think my point is don't buy over the phone with Mifsuds, and has anybody had same experience?.

Sorry to bring a downer to the forum with only my 2nd post but wouldn't want anybody else to get caught.:banghead:

terryco 18-10-2009 00:38

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
Hi all :thumb:
Update on Mifsuds I did eventually get my refund. After a lot more phone calls, it turns out they refunded to someone else by reversing the digits on the first section of my debit card

dabhand16 18-10-2009 09:29

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
Great news Terryco - human error is probably responsible for the majority of these sort of issues.

Thanks for the update.

John F 21-10-2009 22:37

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
Yes, I've dealt with them a long time ago and my memories of them are of excellent service.

terryco 28-10-2009 02:14

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
Thanks JohnF maybe just a one off but no excuse for the poor state of the camera they sent out.

Studio91Photography 26-10-2011 15:59

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
I have bought 4 cameras from Mifsuds. All have arrived in exactly the condition described. All were described to me and their condition was excellent, further, they were delivered either the next day or within 2 days. I think you must have been very unlucky.

stepheno 26-10-2011 17:41

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
Welcome to Pixalo - Terry's thread was two years ago so things must have picked up :thumb:

sallycycle 02-12-2011 10:18

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds

I use Mifsuds regularly for loads of stuff. I live near the shop so I can't comment on their postal service, but I have nothing but respect and admiration for their face-to-face service.

I know they get very busy, and accidents do happen, but I stand by them for the service they have shown me.:thumb:

stepheno 03-12-2011 09:32

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
Hi Sally and welcome to Pixalo...thanks for your comment :thumb:

Jmb 08-05-2012 21:19

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
My limited dealing with Mifsuds was very poor. I don't know if I caught the wrong person at the wrong time of day but the lady who dealt with me on the phone appeared very arrogant and not interested in my sourcing of a camera body and lens package. . . . . . . . This was quite the opposite of what I had expected and indeed received from their other branches (blame it on the cider!)

dabhand16 11-06-2013 09:26

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
We have been contacted by Mifsuds concerning jmb's post (post #10) as it contains an inaccuracy. Mifsuds only have one shop, so the reference to 'other branches' could mean that jmb is talking about a different company.

They were naturally disappointed to see the negative comments in this thread, and pointed out that it is four years old and is not representative of their company. However, there are far more positive examples of Mifsuds service in this thread than negative ones and we do see recommendations for Mifsuds elsewhere on the forums.

Although the original issue took a while to resolve, it turned out to be human error inputting an account number and had this not happened the original post would likely not have been made. It should also be pointed out that only one side of the negative stories is told here.

terryco 17-06-2013 22:21

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
Hi all
Sorry not been around for a while.
Just to clarify the issue with Mifsuds, although the money refund turned into an issue, it was as described in dabhand 16 post, a "human error" in inputting information and resolved in time. The return of the Dynax 9 however, was because of its poor condition which was mis represented to me over the telephone. Had it been as described I would have had no need to ask for a refund and so my advice was not to buy over the phone.

I have visited Mifsuds shop three times since and had different experiences with different assistants which ranged from, as I felt, mildly indifferent to indifferent, I did however purchase an item and have had no problems with it. I travelled from Bristol for that item, but probably won't do it again as it was not the best purchasing experience I have had.

I have no wish to malign Mifsuds as it is difficult enough to be in business at the best of times, and they do provide a service for those of us who still like to use both analogue and digital, but every business I buy from these days wants a review. Any business is only as good as its employees. Sorry I'm rambling now. I think I made my points.
Regards to all :thumb:

Lyme-boy 14-07-2013 09:59

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
Oh dear.. I hate to be in the minority... but I wasn't too pleased about the customer service I received this morning (Saturday 13th July 13) following my visit to Mifsuds in Brixham.

In fact I found it nothing short of outrageous…if not deeply upsetting. I will hasten to add that up to now and over the past 10 years I have had an excellent customer business relationship with Mifsuds, never having had to return a product or make a complaint.

Basically I purchased a top of the range f2.8 Nikon zoom lens just 3 weeks ago for a 4 figure sum. A quality lens, as have been all the products previously purchased from Mifsuds. I became aware of a noticeable looseness in the lens barrel zoom ring. A distinct clicking noise could be heard when using the zoom ring. Comparing it to my other Nikon lenses in my possession (none of which exhibited a similar feel) it was very noticeable, at least to me! Being all but 3 weeks old, I felt I should return it to Mifsuds for an exchange (or refund) as I felt there was something definitely amiss.

Without delay (being a Saturday) I drove the 80 miles down to Brixham. At the store a young lady referred the problem to a member of staff in the back room. Meanwhile I had asked the assistant if I could compare my item with the same item in stock. Examining the item immediately confirmed that the slight looseness of my lens barrel was far more pronounced than the shop item.

A male staff member came out to discuss the matter, but I was somewhat taken aback when he suggested in his opinion there was nothing wrong with it and this was quite normal. I told them that I was not happy with this to which they responded that they would be prepared to send the item to Nikon for inspection free of charge, but were not prepared to go further than that!!! That would obviously leave me without a lens for an unknown period of time whilst I await the outcome.

Rightly or wrongly, this was not the answer I was looking for given the time factors, and, given the lens was only 3 weeks old and over £1,250. We had rapidly moved to an impasse. All manner of reasons were offered by Mifsuds as to the nature of the lens and the whys and wherefores of what they were prepared to do, which really amounted to a polite "take it or leave it". I told them of my disappointment and asked if he would refer the matter to one of the proprietors.

In the meantime I contacted a colleague on my mobile that has the same lens. Apparently his f2.8 zoom lens was still tight as a drum and operated smoothly without any inherent looseness. Indeed he referred me further to one of his other friends (unknown to me) who was a member of the Nikon Users Community. A short while later I received a call from that colleague again informing me that his lens too was perfectly smooth, and without looseness within the barrel. This only fuelled my determination that something was amiss with my product.
In due course a director appeared and once again I was told that there was nothing wrong with it. Indeed he proceeded to waffle off all manner of excuses and in my opinion total “red herrings”, which frankly were either an attempt to redirect the issue elsewhere or circumvent the discussions in another direction. This only fuelled my irritation at the situation that seemed to have developed.

Having spent several thousand pounds over the years with Mifsuds, without complaint, I felt I was having my first taste of their customer service experience and I wasn’t too pleased.

I expressed my dissatisfaction with the outcome to the director, and was immediately met with a retort of “please don’t raise your voice sir or otherwise I will ask you to leave”. I might add that no improper language or impropriety was used by either party at any time. The situation had suddenly deteriorated rapidly.

I retorted that given events I was not prepared to leave until I had satisfaction to the issues under discussion. It was wholly apparent that there was an issue with the lens and I informed them of my rights under the “Sale of Goods Act”, but the proprietor only sought to reaffirm the fact that he would ask me to leave if I continued to raise my voice. To me it felt as if this was a direct tactic to divert the issue and focus the matter in a different direction, indeed one of a personal nature!

At that point the director than informed me that he would CALL THE POLICE if I refused to leave.

To say I was gob smacked is an understatement. I am in no way a perfect human specimen, but I am certainly not a threat to anyone as a 64 year old and (up until then) of exemplary character.
Now I appreciate that there may well be loyal customers of Mifsuds who could not in any way relate to the problems that I encountered. Indeed I once considered myself one of them. There may be others who may well draw the conclusion that in view of Mr Mifsuds request that I lower my voice or he would call the Police, that I must be some sort of onerous, rough character, loose of tongue, and willing to go to any lengths to bully my way into getting what I want.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I found the whole episode distasteful and upsetting. For my sins, admittedly I do not suffer fools gladly, but I felt their whole argument as being flawed and their reasoning s as being divisive and tangential to the matter in question. That being plainly and simply one of customer service!!!!

Given the time factors involved, the product was in my eyes defective, and I am sure that others having spent that sort of money on a quality lens would as likely feel the same. In truth, however we will never know!
Over the years I have proved to be a loyal and unquestioning customer of Mifsuds, but the proof of the pudding in any customer/product provider relationship is how that relationship manifests itself when the chips are down. Products do fail, and that is something we have to accept. I have no quibble with the product itself. I chose to go to Mifsuds, for the quality of their presentations, product experience and unrivalled knowledge by their well-informed over the counter sales staff. It is apparent that they take the vetting and recruitment of their counter staff very seriously. We are not talking Curry’s here!

Nevertheless I found the whole experience with their director unsettling, unnerving and downright offensive. To be threatened with the police simply for standing my ground as a loyal customer who was forced to raise his voice as the ensuing argument escalated (I am quick to add there is a fundamental difference between raising ones voice and shouting – I used the former) was nothing short of alarming. I am nothing more than a customer who has no wish to enter into arguments with anyone.

The nature of this comment obviously indicates the upset I felt in the situation. I will stand my ground when I feel I am being fobbed off in any sales situation and I have the evidence to prove it, (the shop example being the principle piece of evidence, along with verbal affidavits supplied by two other individuals, who, with the same product, have not experienced the same issue with their lenses), and this was a prime example of that situation. I make no apologies for that.
Others may not agree, but I feel the nub of the problem was not one of a defective product, but a matter of customer relations and how Mifsuds directors deal with their customers concerns.

I have run my own small, successful business under a fully regulated Government authority ( formerly the Financial Services Authority but now renamed the Financial Conduct Authority) and I am genuinely proud to say I have never received one single letter of complaint in almost 29 years. Of course there have been situations where I felt uncomfortable too, but it was always a matter of how you dealt with it, by listening to the customer and his concerns. This paramount in any business relationship.

I am sorry Mr Mifsud, if I have rattled your cage, for I retain no sense of satisfaction or accomplishment following our discussions, but I am very unlikely to use your services again despite having done so over the past 10 years. You have some excellent, well trained and able staff within your establishment and that is a credit to you, but it all breaks down if the customer after sales experience is poor, and this certainly was the worst I have ever experienced for the specific reason outlined below. The level of customer after sales experience is something that comes via a directive from the top of any company, so this would have come from yourself. I fully accept that disagreements can arise within the customer/ product / provider relationship. That is a part of life. I bear no personal malice but in all my 64 years, I have never been in a situation where I was threatened with police action, simply for standing up to my customer rights. That was appalling and shows the lack of tact and ineptness in dealing with customer issues.

The final resolution was that Mifsuds finally presented me with a cheque for the original purchase price, with the additional wording of “Goodwill Gesture”. Begrudging or what?… and the irony is that up until that moment I still would have considered using them again had it not been for that statement.
I suggest that they still have a lot to learn about customer relationships when the chips are down so beware if and when you have a problem….
Or it may have just been a bad day…. One that I would never want to repeat.

Slade 16-07-2013 06:25

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
Welcome to Pixalo Lyme-boy.

I agree with you 100%, I think. A company should always be judged on how it deals with a problem, not on normal service, and in your case, not very well at all. It must of been very unsettling to be threatened with the police, especially if you are a law abiding citizen. Whatever happened to the customer always being right.

I would of thought that a purchase that turned out to be unfit for purpose, would have been dealt with with a minimum of fuss.

You do have some statutory rights anyway, better explained by others

Citizens Advice - If the goods you bought are faulty

BBC One - Watchdog - Sale of goods Act 1979 (as amended)

Markulous 16-07-2013 08:30

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
What an infuriating situation - thanks for taking the time to explain

Whether there's legal recourse is one thing (especially as it's not clear-cut in this instance) but you'd think they'd want to protect their reputation - all the more so when presented with others' opinions. Disappointing for us and thoroughly irritating for you (especially as presumably you're still without the lens you wanted - albeit you got the refund)

cmajor335 09-09-2013 18:25

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
It's odd that the majority of members have always had good service and goods from Mifsuds and the apparently bad service has started recently. I have been trying to get on to the site for the last4 days and IE and Safari cannot connect to the site.
So are they still trading?

P-E 09-09-2013 18:54

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
Email from Mifsuds today;

Good Morning from Mifsuds,

Our website,online shop and emails are still down,We are working to sort this out.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please give us a call on 01803 852400 if you need any help.
You can also email us on
(email address removed by me)

d3mje 01-11-2013 18:47

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
I'm not at all surprised to hear of poor service from Mifsuds photographic in Brixham. I emailed Mifsuds just over 4 weeks ago enquiring after a Nikkor 10 - 24 mm lens. Received a reply a few day later from a guy called Matt, quite a terse sort of reply, saying they'd' get in touch when they had something available. Imagine my surprise when I visited the store last Saturday, 3 weeks after I sent my email, only to discover they had the EXACT same lens I'd enquired about! But the best is yet to come: I went ahead to purchase said lens only to find I was being served by Matt himself!! How useless and inefficient is this guy!! If Mifsuds was my business, I'd sack him tomorrow!!:banghead:

Fiztastic 01-11-2013 19:04

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
I am curious how complaints are coming from 1st time only or limited posters.:suspect1:

Never used the company but it does sound like the management do try to resolve issues.:)

d3mje 01-11-2013 21:14

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
From my point as a 1st time poster, I was looking for somewhere to air my views. Sometimes leaving honest and objective reviews elsewhere (ie, the retailer) is for some reason unwelcome! I have more than one or two gripes I could share about Mifsuds; the previous use of 'arrogant' would fit the bill quite well, but I guess this is purely down to the fact that they have absolutely zero high street competition.

Fiztastic 01-11-2013 21:22

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
No worrys But stick with us. It's a nice forum. Full of nice people
Upload some pics and hang around a bit.:)

Johnny G. 24-04-2014 00:20

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
I have been a regular customer of Mifsuds for 15 years . . . . . the last time was in January this year and I came away from the shop with a very sour taste ! Something has changed there in my opinion and not for the
better . . . . shame, they were great. I now use LCE, but will give Mifsuds a chance to prove to me that it was just a "blip" when I source a new body next month.

Lyme-boy 26-05-2014 16:26

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
Unfortunately yes I did have a bad experience with Mifsuds in 2013. It was a shame as I had always had exemplary service up until that one incident.
In 2013 after having made a number of camera purchases over the years, I purchased a AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 zoom to go with my recently purchased D800 (from Mifsuds) It was an excellent piece of kit I had been looking forward to owning.
However after a couple of weeks, I felt a slight knocking/clicking (excessive looseness/play)had developed in the lens barrel when extending the zoom. It didn't feel right for such an expensive optical item, so I checked with a colleague on the phone who had the same lens and he assured me his was still as tight as a drum after 6 months usage.
I decided to visit Mifsuds on a Saturday morning, as I always enjoyed a mooch around the store to view the latest items. Purely as a template, I asked the young female assistant if I could look at a new 24-70 f2.8 zoom. She presented me with the item and I obviously checked the barrel movement. It was perfect as I felt it should be. I then presented my own recently purchased lens and pointed out what I considered the looseness, and excessively play in my lens. She took the lens and disappeared into the rear of the store for 10 minutes. She later emerged telling me a technical staff member had checked the lens and in their opinion the play, whilst evident, was not considered excessive. In essence they were telling me that in their opinion there was nothing wrong with it.
I challenged their opinion comparing it with their stock example and the experience of my colleague’s lens. I told them I had only bought it from them two weeks before and it had not really had any use other than one outing. I asked them whether they would exchange my unit for a replacement as I was not happy considering the high level of quality and craftsmanship expected from a professional Nikon product of this calibre to say nothing of the fact that it cost in excess of £1,200.
The young assistant returned to the back office, but re-appeared a short while later to tell me that she was told they were not prepared to offer an exchange. I asked whether the technical manager Tim was available as I had always had an excellent rapport with him and found his customer service manner exceptionally good and very professional. Unfortunately it was his day off. I then asked to speak to a more senior member of staff as I appreciated that the young girl was not in a position to make decisions regarding exchanges/refunds etc.
An older gentleman (whom I was unfamiliar with) emerged claiming to me a member of the Mifsud family. I explained the situation and once again reiterated that I was unhappy with the quality of my lens, given the timescales and that I felt a replacement was in order, given the expected high quality of such a Nikon product, further explaining that I had been a long term regular and loyal client of Mifsuds over the past years traveling over 120 miles from my home to make personal visits to the store at least twice a year. Mr Mifsud had apparently checked the lens himself and my request was turned down again.
At this point I began to feel frustrated as it was wholly apparent to me that the lens was less than perfect and I was not prepared to accept anything less than 100% quality. I had not expected this scenario to have developed. Even the initial young sales assistant had stated in her opinion the lens was somewhat looser when compared to the shop item. I retorted to Mr Mifsud that I expected them to remedy the situation. I was firmly told that their opinion was final, but they would be prepared to return the lens on my behalf to Nikon for evaluation. I was told it would take approximately 4 - 6 weeks turnaround which means that I would have paid over £1,200 but be without the lens, as they were not prepared to lend me one (even second hand or otherwise).
I then began to remonstrate that under the Sale of Goods Act 1989 the item must be fit for the purpose to which it was designed and be of merchandisable quality, both of which I felt were not the case with this particular optical item. I was once again told by Mr Mifsud that his offer (of a return to Nikon for evaluation) was final and that if I wished to quote the Sale of Goods Act to him that was my choice.
I must admit I felt complete frustration at the impasse that had developed. It was one of those moments when your mouth becomes dry and you really don’t know what to do or say. This situation was wholly unexpected and I felt my stand about the matter was perfectly legitimate. Rightly or wrongly having only owned the item for 2 weeks from new, I had honestly never expected this situation to have developed. I had fully expected to walk out of the store as a satisfied customer again (as in the past) with a replacement item or a refund and a good reference to say in respect of Mifsuds customer service standards. Unfortunately, or perhaps even fortuitously I had never had to return a faulty item to Mifsuds before, so this was a first and it was rapidly going downhill.
By this time other customers in the store had obviously become aware of the debate between Mr Mifsud and me. To say the least I found the whole situation unpleasant, embarrassing and more importantly wholly counter-productive as far as Mifsuds were concerned ,because at this point I was wishing, after many good years’ experience with Mifsuds I had never made the purchase in the first place.
By this time, frustration was evident on both sides. I told Mr Mifsud I was not prepared to leave the store unless my problem was resolved to my satisfaction. I suggested that he give me a refund and I could take my business elsewhere. I was told I would not be getting a refund either.
This situation was rapidly deteriorating. It was almost unreal and I could not believe the stance Mr Mifsud was taking. I do believe other customers in the store were feeling uneasy at the situation that had developed between the retailer and the customer. At this point I retorted to Mr Mifsud that I would not leave the store until I received satisfaction regarding the issues at hand.
Mr Mifsuds response was then unbelievable. “In that case we will ask you to leave and if you don’t we will get the police to remove you!!!!” As a perfectly respectable, intelligent, and professionally educated 61 year old adult, with a perfectly rational consumer issue this was becoming almost unreal. I was completely shocked at his statement. I suggested that they should then perhaps call the police.
I do then believe, by the very expression exhibited by the two younger staff members and various customers in the store that they thought Mr Mifsuds comments were completely out of order. This situation was rapidly becoming untenable. I commented to Mr Mifsud that I felt his comments were out of order, unnecessary and downright provocative. I remonstrated once again that I felt the product I had purchased not 2 weeks before for over £1,200 was less than perfect, as confirmed when compared to the item in the shop, and taking on board the comments made by his own junior staff members. I once again stated that I expected a full refund or a replacement and nothing less and that I was not prepared to leave the store until I received a refund and an apology for the suggestion Mr Mifsud had made towards me.
I had never found myself in this position before and I was determined to stand my ground on the issue. I felt I had a genuine grievance regarding the condition of a Nikon high precision professional optical lens I had purchased. Fact……It was not functioning correctly. Period!
At this point Mr Mifsud disappeared into the back office. The sole remaining customer approached me and commented that he felt I was absolutely right in my stance and Mr Mifsuds comments were completely outrageous.
10 minutes later, Mr Mifsud re-appeared and presented me with a personal cheque for the cost of the lens. I truly believe Mr Mifsud had suddenly realised the implications of the situation that had developed. His manner had become far more conciliatory and whilst he was not prepared to consider a replacement, even though one was in stock he was prepared to offer me a refund, which I accepted.
However I noted when looking down at the back of the hand written cheque, as I left the store, perhaps as Mr Mifsuds parting blow, he had hand written on the back of the cheque, “payment as a good-will gesture only”.
I am afraid I am unlikely to ever visit the store again, despite being a regular customer spending a considerable amount of money over the years. In view of the events that I experienced that day I would find it hard to recommend the store to anyone else.
In truth it wasn’t really the issue of the lens itself, which killed the relationship. Problems can and do occur. No-one is perfect and people have bad days, even Mr Mifsud. As a customer relations exercise, the whole issue was an absolute train wreck. My experience with other members of staff, namely Tim, the technical adviser, had always been fruitful, pleasurable and a joy to experience. He always displayed a wealth of technical knowledge and was more than happy to help. His and other staff member’s general demeanour and customer services manner had always been exemplary.
I suggest however that Mr Mifsud takes time out to develop his customer service skills, spending perhaps more time, learning to interface in a more customer friendly way with the people that make his business what it is and sharing their experiences, whether good or bad. After all it is in his customer’s experiences that his business will make or break. I can buy a Nikon product in lots of locations. I do like the hands on, personal touch of a business that is there to serve the customer and provide advice. That’s why many of us don’t mind paying a little bit extra for it and we avoid the Chrome and neon suppliers on retail parks. I would have preferred to have remained a loyal customer to Mifsuds. That’s going to be difficult for me in the future for obvious reasons.

Lyme-boy 26-05-2014 16:58

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
I apologise to forum readers for my recent message re: Mifsuds. I am not a regular poster, but received an email recently regarding Mifsuds. I went to great lengths earlier today (26/05/14) to report my experiences only to note that I had in fact posted the whole experience in question on this forum last July2013.

My opinion remains the same. I wish it didn't. I do miss not making my regular visits to the store in Devon from my home near Lyme Regis in Dorset. It gave me an excuse to spend the day in Brixham. They have an excellent team behind the counter and they were always on hand to give expert advice. But certain individual members need a little more training in customer relations. I have found a very good retailer near Bristol who supplies me with all the equipment and advice I need and its about the same distance as Brixham. Now I can visit the lovely areas of Avon and Somerset to take my photos. Mr Mifsud personally could perhaps take a leaf out of their cap. I sometimes wonder whether that experience in 2013 was just a bad dream.;)

Peterkin1010 15-05-2016 20:21

Re: Poor service from Mifsuds
I bought a Nikon F5 off Mifsuds back in 2012. It was described as Mint - .

It arrived boxed in utterly FLAWLESS "as described" condition the following day c/w instructions,box eyecup and strap. A set of batteries were also included. I carefully examined the camera and the 'Minus' bit was for an almost invisible mark on the right of the baseplate.

I worked for Jessops back in the day and have extensive experience of purchasing and testing 35mm kit and had it not been as described I would certainly have been onto them.

Breakdown in customer-dealer relationships is always regrettable but sometimes these things happen. And I'm not going to defend any instances of bad service, Mifsuds were AFAIK legally speaking acting correctly when they stated they would send the lens off to Nikon UK.Whether it's good for customer relations is another matter. They would have to prove the lens wasn't faulty when sold which of couse is where Nikon UK came in..

Whilst I don't question the situation here it's somewhat different to my personal experience.

Zebadee69 19-11-2016 11:51

Awful service and Underhanded trading from Mifsuds
I recently part exchanged 2 lenses against a used lens they had for sale, unfortunately upon testing the lens I found it to be pretty soft in the corners and not as they'd described , mint - as new.

I contacted Mifsuds the same day and got a response the following morning before they opened. Emails went back and forth and it was obvious they were going to make it as difficult as possible to return the lens.

They said I couldn't collect the lenses that I’d exchanged as they didn't know if they still had them, which I thought strange as they had a 3 hour trading window from when I left the shop to closing. When I questioned this it moved onto they can't access the computer to check the serial numbers. Again I questioned that they only had one of the same lens for sale and none of the other so it should be easy to identify them, I mean we're not talking Amazon/Wex size stores, its a small shop.

So I then asked when’s the best time to come down and they said 3pm the following Monday as thats when the accounts come in so they can access the computer to determine serials. I raised my concerns that they'd sell my lenses by Monday but they never remarked or replied to that issue. Emails went back and forth and to simplify things I said I ok don't want the lenses back, I'll just return the faulty lens for the price you agreed for the lenses. I was told I can't, I'd have to have the lenses back as it's part of the deal, although the actual deal that was agreed to was price matching MPB which offered me a price for an outright purchase, not part exchange.

OK, so I eventually call into the shop a day later to be told they've now sold the lenses which didn't bother me as that's really what I wanted but the lies and underhanded behaviour shows what they're really like.

When I explained to a sales assistant why I was unhappy with the lens and that I was going to check out another copy they said I shouldn't bother, they're all identical, they're made by computers and they'll all be the same so it's not worth it. Unbelievable, someone like that selling and giving advice to customers, it's worrying.

The the bottom line is even though they knew I'd be returning the lens and that the deal was I'd have to have my lenses back they had no intention of adhering to this. They never sold my lenses within that 3 hours of leaving the shop and guess what? They happened to be selling the same lenses the following day as the ones I'd taken in, what a coincidence :)

I ended up buying a brand new one from Amazon for just £15 more than the one I'd returned, so all good in the end but it goes to show they’re happy to take your money but will do their best not give it back.

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