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Epson P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer
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3 5113 Thu December 6, 2007
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100% of reviewers £242.67 9.0

Description: Stunning quality photos, movies and music in the palm of your hand

• Portable, stylish media player for photos, movies and music
• 3.8" Photo Fine crystal clear colour LCD
• Carry your media library with you on the internal 40GB hard drive
• Watch bright, clear movies (Motion JPEG/MPEG-4)
• Playback your favourite music (MP3/AAC)
• Stunning quality photos, movies and music in the palm of your hand

There’s a great new way for photographers and media lovers to store, view and share digital photos, movies and music. The Epson P-2000 is compact and makes a big impact thanks to the crystal clear 3.8” Photo Fine colour display, 40GB hard drive and long battery life.
Mobile photo, movie and music player.

The Epson P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer is a great new way to store, carry around and share your photos, music and movies. With its amazing 3.8” bright colour LCD and music playback features, this compact stylish device gives media lovers and photographers sound and vision without boundaries. Now you can have handheld digital movie screenings, slideshows or listen to your favourite music wherever you are!

There’s room for serious media collections on the 40GB hard drive, while a long battery life ensures plenty of non-stop action. The Epson P-2000 is compatible and connectable with digital cameras, camcorders and computers. You can even screen on a TV and print directly on Epson USB DIRECT-PRINT compatible printers.

Key Features

• 3.8 high-definition TFT colour screen
• Outstanding picture quality from PhotoFine LCD technology - 212 pixels per inch
• Compact, lightweight and slim - 142mm x 23mm x 91.5mm and weighs 415 grams
• Download from CompactFlash, SD, XD, Memory Stick, Smart Media and MMC memory cards1
• Connects directly to PC or TV for larger screen viewing
• Prints directly on 10 x 15, A4, 5 x 7 or 4 x 6 formats on compatible Epson printers
• 1XD, Memory Stick, Smart Media and MMC memory cards supported with optional adaptor
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Rob Barron
Loves the place

Registered: September 2006
Location: Poole, Dorset
Posts: 7226
Review Date: Fri October 13, 2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: £249.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Superb screen, good size hard drive
Cons: A bit slow, 8 bit file handling

When you see advertising blurb for the Epson P2000, it will be described as a portable media player (PMP) and the retailer will wax lyrical about its versatility in doing everything except make a cup of coffee. I'm not going to but do read on.

So, let me start with what you really want to know: do I like it? Yes, I absolutely love it.

Ok, that's enough of going totally overboard with delight, just not British to show too much emotion don't you know! My enthusiasm for this product is because it does what I want it to do very well. I am a photographer and my one and only need is for it to store my pictures and let me view them. Ok, that's two things but they go hand in hand!

If you need a very portable hard drive that can store a large number of photos at high resolution, want to be able to copy the photos from your memory card and to then view the photos on a much better screen than on your camera, this item is going to blow you away. The P2000 has 40Gbs of space and its big brother the P4000 has 80Gbs of space (Sort of makes you wonder why they weren't called the P40 and the P80 but no doubt they have their reasons!) so if you are using a 1 Gb memory card, you're going to be able to store 40 cards worth. In the real world, I have a 20D which when using RAW mode takes about 8Mbs per photo. That gives you space for 5,000 photos but if you are, as many do, using best quality Jpegs, at around 2Mbs each, you're going to be closer to 20,000... that's a lot of pictures!

But let me talk about its best feature... and oh what a feature. The beautiful 3.8" screen might not sound like something to go weak at the knees over but just wait till you look at a picture on that screen. Quite simply, I have never seen anything like it: the pictures are STUNNING! It has full VGA resolution (640x480 pixels) which is the same number of dots as my 32" TV but the dots are a heck of a lot smaller. The clarity is superb, the richness of the colours is awesome, and not only can you look at the pictures with your jaw dropping open, you can then zoom in to considerable depth to make absolutely certain that you have the sharp focus you wanted and that all 120 people in the wedding photo are smiling! I cannot speak highly enough of this screen, it beats any other PMP I have seen, and I did try a few. The Flashtrax XT I went for first (had to send it back as it didn't work right from new!) absolutely sucked compared to this screen.

Ok, so you have oodles of space and stunning viewability. Ok, enough of me getting excited, time for the balance: the not so good bits.

Ok, well it has to be said, if you are after something more than a photo storage and viewer, this might not be the one you want. YES, it can play Mpeg-4, YES it can play MP3 (Use the headphone socket, the speakers are quiet and tinny), yes it can store ANY file that you can put on your computer so you can use this to take files from one PC to another.... it's all there. BUT....

It uses 8 bit file handling only which is a pain. Not only does this make it somewhat slower than many PMPs, it also means the only file names it can handle are in the 8.3 format, ie pictures.jpg is as good as it gets. If you call your pictures Florida 001, Florida 002, etc (and let's face it, that's basic in itself!) then what you're going to get is Florid~1.jpg which means an awful lot of file names will look just the same and finding the pics you're after will not be easy. It does allow you to store photos in convenient 'albums' but it won't let you give those albums names. The Albums are default named using numbers that equate to dates. The photos inside the albums are stored by date: you can't even sort them alphabetically yourself.

It has Printing facilities so that if you have an Epson printer (not all, just the ones with direct printing) you can plug this straight into the printer and start reeling them off, even without your PC switched on. Sorry but here's another BUT....

It is Epson specific so does not have the more common 'Pictbridge' compatability that would surely have made more sense. I assumed wrongly that it would and was disappointed when I plugged it into my £500 Canon i9950 printer only to find it didn't recognise it.

It can copy photos across to the PC or Mac very quickly using USB 2. It is also very easy to back up your memory card, especially if it is a Compact Flash or an SD card. It will take others if you buy an adaptor but these two are the spaces available. Put the card in, choose 'Card' from the home menu, select 'Copy to Drive' and that's it. Let it get on with it. Don't hold your breath, go make a cup of coffee instead. It isn't blisteringly fast but it is perfectly adequate. After all, if like me you are asking it to copy across your 1Gb card while you carry on taking photos on another 1Gb card, it will be done in plenty of time. Indeed, it will be finished in about 7 minutes, not quick but not bad.

The battery is a Lithium Ion rechargable and is nothing harder than plugging the unit in to the charger supplied. A green light says it is charging, the green light goes out when it is full. A full charge is ample for copying several cards and for a decent viewing session plus you can use the charger as a mains adaptor so pwoer is not going to be as issue. You can buy a spare battery from Epson (don't!) at about £40 but you can buy a generic battery on Ebay for under a fiver (do!) The machine has a 2mm neoprene case included which gives it enough protection against scratches and things but I bought a superb soft leather, purpose made case on Ebay for under £15 which is much better and allows you access to every button without having to remove it from the case like you do with the included one.

So, if you are a video and MP3 fan, go look elsehwere, I am not recommending this to you. I don't know enough about your needs but think this would not quite cut the mustard.

But if you are a photography fan who wants a safe and secure place to reliably copy photos to out in the field and then be able to view them in glorious colour and detail, this is definitely the one for you. Not only can you view jpgs (sorry, not tiffs) but you can also open RAW photos for most major digital cameras and certainly almost all DSLRs. I have tried it with CRW and CR2 files, the RAW photos for a 10, 20 or 30D as well as the 350D and 400D, and they opened perfectly without any problem at all. I tested a .nef file which a Nikon using friend gave me and that was equally fine.

It's a breeze to use, works straight out of the box and shows pictures as good as you will ever see them on a screen. Doing a wedding and then showing the bride and groom the best shots on this at their reception will have them dying to get back from their honeymoon to see the final results!

I hope that has helped anyone looking for this type of accessory. I highly recommend it to anyone with the needs I have stated.

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Forum Regular

Registered: July 2006
Posts: 714
Review Date: Fri December 29, 2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: £179.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Screen, ease of use, ability to view raw (NEF) files, download speed
Cons: None found yet

I paid a visit to Digital Depot in Stevenage earlier today and whilst browsing I noticed they had the Epson P-2000 on special offer at £179. For some time now I've been considering buying a portable storage device rather than spending out on more and more CF cards and this unit seemed ideal for what I wanted.

The first thing that struck me was how good the screen is, until you see it you can not appreciate the clarity - it really is excellent and immediately got me thinking about practical applications, more on that later. Never being one to RTFM I dived straight in when I got home and found it easy to use and set up, the menus are straightforward and simple to understand.

The first test was to download some images from a CF card and I found one with 100 NEF (Nikon Raw) files taken a couple of weeks ago. The first thing that struck me was how quick it appeared to download the images from the card, and also to transfer them to the computer. In fact I was so surprised that I decided to conduct a small comparison test to make sure I was getting it right.

Firstly, I transferred the images my usual way by plugging my card into the card reader built into the front of my machine, this has always seemed slow and clunky and tbh gets on my nerves at times. Downloading by this method took 12 minutes and 15 seconds. I then took the same card with the same 100 raw files and plugged it into the Epson and they took a surprising 5 minutes and 24 seconds to download and place in an album (the actual download only took about 4 minutes. To then download the files from the Epson to the computer took just 41 seconds!.

For me this will be a godsend when I'm out and about, for instance at an equestrian event. I can load the pictures as I go during the day or even on the way home and just plug it in to the computer via the supplied USB cable for a fast transfer. Because the screen is so good I can also see it being used to give prospective customers a quick preview of shots taken which will hopefully entice them onto the website later, I think this could also be useful at portrait sittings.

Another practical application is holiday time, with 40gb of storage there is more than enough room to allow me to shoot RAW at all times giving me more control over the finished product should I make any errors when shooting. It also means I don't have to buy a laptop and lug it around everywhere.

I've only had the device a few hours but I am already very pleased with it and so far cannot find fault with anything.

Highly recommended if you are looking for a portable storage device.
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M1ke A
Forum Regular

Registered: November 2007
Location: Sussex
Posts: 542
Review Date: Thu December 6, 2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: £300.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Quality screen, good build quality, simple to use, smaller than a laptop
Cons: Battery life could be better, not that cheap

I originally got mine back in 2005 when CF cards were stupidly expensive (£140 for 2GB iirc ) )and I wanted extra storage capacity. I also don't have a laptop and want to travel relatively light.

My intention was to have A N Other device purely to back files up on and thus this doesn't get that much use in the scheme of things. I took it on our recent trip to Hong Kong and Bali where I had 20Gb of cards with me and it was reassuring to have another storage medium.

Battery life hasn't been fantastic but I always run it on mains power when transferring files.

The excellent screen and slideshow feature is great for reviewing files at the end of the day with a beer However this only works with jpg files so I always shoot in RAW and small jpg, purely for this reason.

The newer models have more capacity but I guess they're broadly the same with their ergonomics and features. Some might prefer a laptop for the extra flexibility but the size of these things is hard to beat.
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